North Coast Rep's Einstein Comes Through, a thrilling solo performance that will have you gasping and asking why

Currently streaming until May 23

The weight of a play is usually distributed between different roles/characters. Audiences look back and forth following along with the rhythm of each interpretation and finding the balance while enjoying the performance. Solo plays are complicated. They are not easy to do and it gets challenging to keep people engaged. 

Einstein Comes Through - starring Jake Broder - photo by Aaron Rumley 

Back in the olden days when we used to go to the theatre and enjoy plays onsite, live, and in person (lol), a distractor inside the venue would be a loud air conditioning vent, a coughing/chatty patron, or the ever classic candy wrap...

Imagine a solo performance online, through a computer, tablet, or even a smart TV where there are a number of distractions around you. This is why at risk of sounding like a broken record, I continue to praise every creative/theatre-maker for thriving and continuing to offer us great quality theatre online.

North Coast Repertory Theatre in San Diego is currently streaming Einstein Comes Through co-written by Artistic Director David Ellenstein and Marc Silver. The play debuted in 2006 and is now seeing a different light via streaming until May 23.

Hank (Jake Broder) is a struggling accountant that wants to be an actor. But that is not all he is struggling with. He wants to make his own contribution... 

“You make a choice and you live with it”

... shares Hank out loud. There is this dream that he is desperately trying to interpret, followed by manic type episodes that he meticulously times and documents. The sound of an alarm clock goes off every so often in various corners of his unkept space. Hank talks in different accents and channels his idol Albert Einstein, what would he do?

Einstein Comes Through - starring Jake Broder - photo by Aaron Rumley 

There is a wardrobe change and make up done onstage. Something I greatly appreciated. It breaks in this case, the -screen wall- and it differentiated the not being in the theatre part.

Jake Broder's dynamic performance will keep everyone glued to their seat in order to understand what is happening and why. 

Einstein Comes Through is a one hour rollercoaster of a piece with a freefall ending that will triger a deep gasp. 

Streaming now on on demand from until May 23. Tickets are $35 - $54 and can be purchased at

David Ellenstein directed Jake Broder on North Coast Rep’s mainstage, adhering to all mandated safety and testing procedures under Actor´s Equity Media Agreement.

Audiences will see a full theatrical production with sets by Scenic Designer Marty Burnett, costumes by Elisa Benzoni, and Prop Design Philip Korth, Wig by Peter Herman and Stage Manager, Cinematographer/editor Aaron Rumley filmed the show. 

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