Serán dos sesiones los martes 19 y 26 de enero, a cargo de la compañía teatral La tropa de Dédalo en el marco del programa digital La Cultura Continúa, desde su página de Facebook @BC.SecretariaCultura

Con dos sesiones semanales la Secretaría de Cultura de Baja California, a través de la Dirección de Artes Escénicas, ofrecerá durante enero dos sesiones del Ciclo Lecturas Dramatizadas de Autores Bajacalifornianos, los martes 19 y 26, en el marco del programa digital La Cultura Continúa, desde su página de Facebook @BC.SecretariaCultura

Este martes 19 a las 13:00 horas se dará lectura al texto La ruta de las abejas, de Daniel Serrano, con la participación de la compañía teatral La ropa de Dédalo, dirigida por Fernando López Mateos, quien estudió la licenciatura de Periodismo y Comunicación Colectiva en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; obtuvo el grado de Maestría en Artes por la Universidad Estatal de San Diego, California. 

Para el martes 26 de enero se presentará la lectura de La ilegala, de Virginia Hernández, a las 19:00 horas, también a cargo de La tropa de Dédalo, compañía creada en 1997 que ha trabajado en diversos montajes escénicos como Aristofánica, de Gilberto Guerrero; Daniel en Julio, adaptación de la obra de Godfrey Hamilton; La señora y sus amibas, de Antonio González Caballero, así como El Círculo de amigos, de Patricia Loughrey, entre otras. 

Remembering the first season of our podcast's alter ego in English

Miki Vale: HUEman, Musician, Playwright, Artivist, & Educator

Opening song: Grains of Sand. Closing song: Worth It. Both written and performed by Miki Vale.

Please note that this episode was released on July 20, 2020. 

Click here to listen on your favorite platform and Click HERE to watch the Zoom Call on our YouTube Channel.

Miki Vale has performed at landmark venues and festivals in the US and internationally, from Hollywood and D.C. to Mumbai and Cairo. Dedicated to her cause as she is to her craft. Using art as education, Miki explores the impact of hip-hop culture on race, class, and gender. Her experiences range from teaching in classroom settings, performing at social justice events, and, in 2017 she served as a cultural diplomat for Next Level Egypt (funded by the U.S. State Department).

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Links to the coffee shop, lounge, and cause discussed during the episode:

Café X. Which was currently closed but you can follow them here:

Kava Lounge:

Mutual Aid San Diego: A cause derived from and

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Art of the State Symposium | Monterey Museum of Art

Monterey Museum of Art's third annual Art of the State Symposium, Change = Action / Time, Generational Activism in Chicanx and Latinx Art. 

Conclusions and Resources

An eye-opening and very insightful symposium took place this Saturday, January 9, from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Filled with knowledgeable Chicano/a/x artists, groundbreakers that dove into all the topics related to art and the art of the people from their perspective and their experience, but also, what lies within the layers: racism, censorship, integration, intersectionality, segregation, discrimination, "low brow" materials according to the larger institutions and them not being "mainstream". How all this has happened in California but also considering Chicano art in the rest of the country.

From Another Zero is ecstatic to have been included and very proud to replicate this information and share it with you all. You can find the program with the bios of the panelists in this link.

In one of the conversations, they discussed mural work and its nature also having to do with healing and spirituality. The notion of place and where we are. Race and heritage. Place matter and how does it matter.

Here are the resources that we picked up that are full of content and information. Happy viewing!

There was a discussion dedicated to Califas artists and Eduardo Carrillo. The Monterey Museum of Art has an exhibit on The Califas Legacy Project: The Ancestral Journey/El Viaje Ancestral available now until April and you can check it out here.

Artist and Cultural Critic, Amalia Mesa-Bains, Ph. D held a wonderful conversation about her work and historic context. Amalia’s work is currently on view at MMA as part of “The Califas Legacy Project: The Ancestral Journey/El Viaje Ancestral’.

Learn more about Amalia and her work here

Avenue 50 Studio located in Los Angeles. A nonprofit multicultural arts organization grounded in Latino and Chicano culture, educating and stimulating intercultural understanding in our Highland Park community.

SPARC ART The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) was founded in 1976 by renowned artist and educator, UCLA Distinguished Professor Judith F. Baca, filmmaker/director Donna Deitch and Artist/Teacher Christina Schlesinger.
SPARC accomplishes its mission by producing, preserving, and teaching methods to create community-based, public art. SPARC’s intention is: to examine what we choose to memorialize through public art, to devise and produce excellent artworks responsive to articulated community needs through innovative community participatory processes, that include creative visualization and collaborative teams composed of local residents of all ages.

The ongoing conversation is about social justice in the arts, challenging the status quo, and what supposedly is correct. To keep creating and opening spaces as well as new policies.

And youth. YOUTH. Curators, Programmers, Marketers, Journalists in decision making positions, and positions of power.

If you have other resources, feel free to share in the comments.


 “Tina Modotti. Sensibilidad y Crítica” es una muestra que aborda, a través de reproducciones fotográficas, obra gráfica y documentos, sus intereses estético-políticos durante primera estancia de Modotti en México, de 1923 hasta su exilio en 1930.  

Tina Modotti. Foto: Asociación Cultural Tina Modotti

En el marco del 79 aniversario luctuoso de la reconocida fotógrafa, fallecida el 5 de enero de 1942, la Secretaría de Cultura de Baja California invita a apreciar la exposición “Tina Modotti. Sensibilidad y Crítica” la cual aborda, a través de reproducciones fotográficas, obra gráfica y documentos, sus intereses estético-políticos durante su primera estancia en México, de 1923 hasta su exilio en 1930.  


La exposición, que surge en colaboración con el Museo Nacional de Arte, la Secretaría de Cultura de Coahuila, el Centro Cultural Vito Alessio Robles para ofrecer más espacios de exhibición que contribuyan a difundir la producción de mujeres artistas, puede apreciarse en la página 

La muestra se compone de 40 fotos, 37 de Tina Modotti, 1 de Edward Weston y 1 Walther Frederick y 1 desconocido. 8 graficas, 4 de Elena Huerta provenientes del acervo del Centro Cultural Vito Alessio Robles en Saltillo y 2 de Leopoldo Méndez y 2 de Pablo O'Higgins de la colección del Museo de Artes Gráficas en Saltillo. Así como 13 reproducciones fotográficas de documentos del fondo Hemerográfico Ricardo Pérez Escamilla en el MUNAL.  


Las fotografías de Tina Modotti en diálogo con graficas de Elena Huerta, Leopoldo Méndez y Pablo O'Higgins, hacen notar el sentir de una época en la historia del arte mexicano y el quehacer de muchos artistas a partir de la problemática de desigualdad social en una "contradictoria modernidad", aún pendiente. 


De forma física, la muestra se encuentra en la Sala Internacional del Centro Estatal de las Artes en Tecate, donde permanecerá hasta el próximo mes de febrero y puede visitarse previa cita al correo electrónico Posteriormente se expondrá en el Centro Estatal de las Artes de Playas de Rosarito. 

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

The need to create is alive and going, as well as the need for the performing arts to be supported during this long and very unpleasant pause

Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

It hurts that the stages are closed and we cannot enjoy a live performance altogether. Until things become safe again and we can come back, projects like this, keep the faith going and shows the need to create and present.

A 10-second video posted on TikTok by @e_jaccs A.K.A  Emily Jacobsen in August 2020 about the new Ratatouille inspired ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, was what got everything started. -A Ratatousical-. 

2021 began with the debut of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical. A one-time event (for now) that is available to stream, until Monday, January 4 at 7:00 p.m. EST. 

Loved watching all the magic come together through one big edited bunch of TikToks, using the effects of the platform as well as some of the "main-stream" choreos that have gone viral. In less than an hour, you can enjoy the gist of the beloved Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille. Not only are there new songs developed by talented TikTokers, this project also has some big names attached to it like André De Shields, Priscilla Lopez, Adam Lambert, and Netflix's Emily in Paris fave Ashley Parks. And for me, that was a catch 22. The performances were outstanding. Wayne Brady as Django, Tituss Burgess as Remy, and Andrew Barth Feldman as Linguini (who I consider is IDENTICAL to the animated character) were award nominating. Yet, I would have loved to see all of the TikTok community that had a role in creating this, to take center stage. No big names as a crutch to launch and promote it, you know what I mean? I think it would have had a big buzz too with a more grassroots approach... considering a platform with millions of views a day, "grassroots". If we were going all out doing this exercise by involving TikTok, let us do the exercise in full.

Those are my two cents on the matter. And also, for all of those people who since April of 2020 have been complaining and saying "this is not theatre", "this is not musical theatre", "this is a screen", well, we do not need to be rocket scientists to figure that one out but until we get back to some sort of live hybrid or whatever is to come where we can gather safely, this will have to do. AND might I say, is pretty darn good and creating community as well as experimenting with media and cross-media. I saw a play through WhatsApp and Instastories last month and it was absolutely delightful.

Besides, this is to benefit the Actors Fund which needs all the help we can give it right now, for reals. This has made over a million dollars during the past weekend. That is great and all but there needs to be more, WAY more. 

You can watch Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical for 5 dollars. If you can donate more, do so. Hurry because there is not much time, check all the details here: And the super cute Playbill with all the behind the scenes stories and cool ads here: 

Andrew Barth Feldman as Linguini in Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical