The Roustabouts Theatre Co. in San Diego presents first virtual project

Margin of Error took the live stage during 
pre-pandemic times in 2017 
Today,  the theatre company has created a set of online performances for all to enjoy if missed live, or over and over through the screen.
Happening now until August 23

By Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti
Oh, how happy this online presentation made me.
I did not get to see it live in 2017, so when I saw the opportunity to catch it online, I did not hesitate. And you shouldn't either.

Margin of Error, Written by Will Cooper, directed by Rosina Reynolds, featuring Ruff Yeager, Roxane Carrasco, Kate Rose Reynolds & Joel Miller.
Margin of Error, Written by Will Cooper, directed by Rosina Reynolds, featuring Ruff Yeager, Roxane Carrasco, Kate Rose Reynolds & Joel Miller.
This wonderful piece has two advantages. One, even though it does not take us away from the screen fatigue, it does take us away from the zoom fatigue that the majority of people are living today. Because it was filmed with a live audience in a performance setting where everybody was together, the nostalgia it brings now mixed with the quality of the performances and the play itself, just brought joy to my day and a wonderful start to the weekend.

The story takes place during a small dinner party hosted by the famous scientist Anton Myrvold (Ruff Yeager), and his wife Sunita (Roxane Carrasco). They are celebrating a new fellowship and a Nobel Prize candidature with students Britt (Kate Rose) and Gray (Joel Miller). A simple inquiry escalates to an argument that reveals various truths and will have you moving through your couch with jaw-dropping moments, making you uncomfortable, and with the need to have a heated discussion afterward.

Ruff Yeager as Professor Myrvold proves once more the stellar actor that he is with this amazing delivery along with onstage wife Roxane Carrasco as Sunita. It was very refreshing for me to see Carrasco in a different role other than a Latin character portrayal. The last piece I saw her in was Bad Hombres, Good Wives at the SD Rep and although her performance was flawless, the play was absolutely awful and totally misrepresenting Mexican culture. In Margin of Error, Carrasco shows us that as an actor, she can be cast in different roles and tell their story. I enjoyed her so.

Kate Rose and Joel Miller as the young couple Britt and Gray bring fire to that stage surpassing the screen. Curtis Mueller's light design brings us into the story and ads tone (literally and figuratively) to each scene and transitions making us feel like we are in the audience.

Aside from supporting theatre and your local arts organizations during this terrible time, you are doing yourself a favor by purchasing a ticket to see this wonderful show. Another advantage is that you can have a viewing party at home, a theatre night, and even a virtual viewing party sharing the magic of theatre.

Virtual performances are currently running until August 23. Ticket prices range from $14 - $100.
To purchase please click HERE. 

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