San Diego Ballet announces Summer Season -online-

The San Diego Ballet’s (SDB), presents its first-ever Summer Season (on-line) this July and August, opening with a broad-cast of Terra Incognita/Rhapsody on July 10th, 2020.

Photo by Canela Photography. Dancers Matthew Frezzell and Emily DeVito.
Running for 8 weeks, audiences will get access to a sampling of SDB’s creative offerings. 

How it will work:

-Links (for purchase) will be given at 5pm every Friday for 8 weeks (beginning July 10th). -Each link will be available for viewing for 72 hours and may be viewed multiple times.
-Each link will contain complete performances and new footage, including the process leading up to our first Fall production Los Musicos - featuring SDB Artistic Director Javier Velasco’s original choreography to original jazz compositions by SDB resident composers: jazz legends Charles McPherson and Gilbert Castellanos.

The Line Up:

-July 10 – Terra Incognito/Rhapsody – Travel to the San Diego backcountry with SDB to explore Julian, CA. Beautifully shot in natural settings, the serene imagery and cool sounds of Gilbert Castellanos will offer a moment of reprieve. This piece has never been presented to the public. Also on the program, Velasco’s lush pas de deux, Rhapsody!

-July 17 – Reflections and Hope – A perfect compliment to the season during these uncertain times. Charles McPherson’s composition for San Diego Ballet features a beautiful dance with a non traditionally voiced musical trio - cello, violin,… and saxophone!

-July 24 – Gershwin Divertissement – Feel the sound of Summer-time with this playful work by Velasco and McPherson.

-July 31 – Song of Songs 1 - Artistic Director Javier Velasco recently used the history’s timeless ode to love as a springboard for 3 ballets. First up, no music. Just the words themselves and a single dancer are used to illuminate the nature of desire.

-August 7 – Song of Songs 2 - The second ballet in the Song of Songs cycle features a sextet of dancers gliding and swooning through Yale Strom’s evocative musical score. 

-August 14 – Song of Songs 3 - Set to Charles McPhersons’ funk and gospel-infused blueprint, the last part of the Song of Songs triad will leave you rocking in the seat….or your couch at home.

-August 21 – In Conversation with Charles McPherson. Get in-sight from Charles McPherson about his upcoming tribute to Charlie Parker in Los Musicos plus a sampling of rehearsal footage gearing up to the October Show.

-August 28 – In Conversation with Gilbert Castellanos. Gilbert Castellanos takes center stage to discuss his deeply personal piece to premiere in Los Musicos.

“Lemons from lemonade. I never quite understood that little phrase. I like lemons. I like the color. I like the taste. SDB’s mission statement includes the words “imaginative presentation.” These are difficult times for performing arts groups, but they are difficult times for everyone. If we need to come up with ways to imaginatively present “imaginative presentations”, then so be it. I hope this Summer Season will give us the opportunity to expose more people to the organization and what we do. So often (too often), I hear people ask me “Well, what is the difference between you and the other dance companies in town?” even though I doubt they would ever ask the Globe what makes it different than the Playhouse. Well, now they have a chance to see us from the comfort of their homes and at whatever time of the day they wish to and make up their own minds. It’s up to me to educate. And that’s fine. I didn’t spend years as a public school teacher for nothing. In what is sure to be a year of challenges, THIS is one I can deal with. ” 
- Javier Velasco, Artistic Director SDB

Tickets may be purchased online at
               -$80 Summer Pass for access to all 8 programs
               -$15 Per Individual Performances

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