Long overdue...our way of joining forces

To move forward and keep our foot on the gas, we all have to step up and do the work

We at From Another Zero and Desde Otro Cero, wanted to express our support for our black brothers and sisters. We hear you, we see you and we stand by you.

I, Alejandra, as the Editor of this blog, did not know how to articulate a piece that could express how I feel about all this. With an open heart, I write today and say that I could not just turn around and continue about my business. As a Mexican woman living on the Tijuana-San Diego border, with a bilingual blog and bilingual podcast who's goal is to serve as a safe space as well as giving a voice to the arts, I want to reassure you that this will continue to be a safe space for all.

After a time of silence and deep reflection, I thought about ways we can start expressing our support. We uploaded the episode ZERO of our podcast on June 1. In it, we explain how this project came about and we also express our support and that our platforms are allies. We also share reading material and links to the description.

Moving forward, this blog will share a thought during the week where we highlight different cultures, family-owned businesses, and other platforms that we should be aware of. We will use the wonderful label and hashtag #DoingTheWorkTogether

I invite you, that are reading right now, that if you know of any business, show, 
performance, podcast, blog, profile, we should highlight and discuss here in From Another 0, let us know in the comments below. Or leave us a voice message on the podcast HERE.

These are some reading materials that we have found and read, to continue to do the work: Learn, support, donate, volunteer, multiply, echo, share... We are quoting from other pages we follow, some books we have read and content we have seen on social media.

From San Diego County:
LA Times: The spreadsheet that shook the theater world: Marie Cisco’s ‘Not Speaking Out’ list

National Resources:
Theatremania: Black Theater Companies That Could Use Your Donations

The New York Times: High School Students and Alumni Are Using Social Media to Expose Racism

From the Goop Newsletter:
These might be repeats of the Passion Planner list.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network fights for racial liberation and justice. They are calling to reappropriate funds from police departments to institutions that support safety and well-being for black communities. 

The National Police Accountability Project, a nonprofit project of the National Lawyers Guild, works to protect human and civil rights in people’s experiences with law enforcement and put an end to police brutality. 

Campaign Zero pursues data-backed policy solutions to address police violence in America. 

Reclaim the Block has been organizing the Minneapolis community to move public funding away from the police department and into the budgets of public institutions that promote public health and safety. 

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is America’s foremost legal organization on the front lines of the fight for racial justice.  

Black Visions Collective is a political organization seeking to secure liberation, justice, and safety for black communities in Minnesota.


BOOKS we read and recommend:


  • Have difficulty understanding? Trevor Noah explains 
  • Also from the Passion Planner newsletter, Instagram accounts for some of the Black voices they are listening to and learning from.


We would love for the list to continue, so if you have any suggestions, please add them to the comments.

Let us all work together.

With love,


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