California’s Arts and Accessibility grant program offers support to artists with disabilities and organizations enhancing arts and culture opportunities for people with disabilities

The National Arts and Disability Center at UCLA (NADC) has announced the availability of 2020 Arts and Accessibility grants funding, in partnership with the California Arts Council. Applications opened Thursday for the statewide program, which offers financial support and assistance to increase opportunities to engage with the arts by people with disabilities throughout California by providing small but critical grants to individual artists and arts organizations.

"The Good Life," oil, paper and fabric on gesso board, by Los Angeles-based artist and Arts and Accessibility grant recipient Carol Es.

Artists may request up to $3,000 for activities that advance their creative work and careers, including the creation of new work. Artist grants are for specific projects that contribute directly to their professional goals and development. Applications are encouraged from California-based artists with disabilities in all artistic disciplines. This grant is intended to support the employment and careers of California artists with all types of disabilities, including but not limited to artists with a physical disability, visual disability, hard of hearing or deaf, developmental disability, learning disability, mental illness, or chronic illness.

California-based arts organizations may request up to $5,000 to support the inclusion of artists with disabilities in arts programming through the provision of accommodations or to increase the attendance and enhance the experience for audiences with disabilities.

The NADC recognizes that prospective grantees may have to postpone, modify, or cancel their planned activities due to state and local public health guidelines in the coming months. Applicants should include a contingency plan in the event of a change to expected grant activities or timeline. The NADC also reminds its applicants and event producers in general that as events move steadily to an online forum, closed captioning, real-time captioning, sign language interpreters, and other access services will help ensure arts events are accessible to all.

About the National Arts and Disability Center

Founded in 1994, the National Arts and Disability Center (NADC) is a leading consultant in the arts and disability community and the only center of its kind to provide national resources for artists with disabilities and training on accessibility in the arts. The California Arts Council and the NADC have partnered since 2000 to provide funding to artists with disabilities and to arts organizations seeking to make their programs accessible for all.

How to Apply

For more information, including guidelines, eligibility, and applications, visit Please read the updated guidelines for both the artists and arts organizations, as the criteria for the grants has changed for 2020. Applications are available on a rolling basis until designated funds are used.

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