The OFF CENTER FESTIVAL going strong until Saturday January 28th!

Single Tickets are $25. Special prices available when buying two or more shows.
at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa 

Time of Women

Belarus Free Theatre
January 19, 20 and 21 at 7:30 p.m. Studio Performance Space

Belarus Free Theatre: Time of Women. Photo SCFTA
Written by Nicolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada Director Nicolai Khalezin
Performed in Russian with English subtitles
The world's most provocative theatre company presents a story of three women who were all imprisoned for speaking truth to power during their country’s fraudulent elections in 2010.
A story of three women at the forefront of the movement for a democratic Belarus with an unflinching dedication to the truth. Iryna Khalip, the PEN Pinter Prize-winning journalist, Natalya Radina, editor of the pro-human rights news site Charter 97, and political activist Nasta Palazhanka were all imprisoned at the time of the fraudulent presidential elections of 2010. Time of Women celebrates their refusal to be silenced, reminding us that when freedoms are curtailed, survival comes at a price. Belarus Free Theatre was founded in 2005 in response to the censorship of freedom of expression in Belarus. As some of the most outspoken critics of Belarus’s repressive regime, its founding members had to be smuggled out of the country and have been in exile as political refugees in the UK since 2011. The cast remains in Minsk and continues to create theater underground, directed over Skype.
Recommended for mature audiences.

Latin Standards

Marga Gomez
January 19, 20 and 21 at 8:00 p.m.
Judy Morr Theater
Marga Gomez: Latin Standards - Photo by Kent Taylor
Direct from its 2017 world premiere at The Public Theater’s Under The Radar Festival, Latin Standards delivers nostalgia and relevance with a comic edge in a loving and funny true story of perseverance and creative addiction passed down from immigrant father to lesbian daughter.
In Latin Standards, Marga Gomez, the driven adult child of a Cuban entertainer, defies reason by producing a hipster comedy night at a struggling Latino drag queen club during San Francisco’s gentrification crisis. Between vivid portrayals of characters from her upbringing in 1960’s Manhattan to present day San Francisco, Gomez sardonically ponders the ballads (or Latin Standards) penned by her late father Willy Chevalier: a comedian/producer/entrepreneur and composer of dance tunes that reveled in jealousy and obsession. Latin Standards will mark Gomez’s return visit to Segerstrom Center’s Off Center Festival after her success with her play Lovebirds in 2015. Marga Gomez is a GLAAD Award-winning writer and performer of 12 solo plays, which have been presented at The Public Theater, La Mama Experimental Theater Club, Dixon Place and more. Stand-up comedy appearances include LOGO’s One Night Stand, Comedy Central’s Out There, and HBO’s Comic Relief.

Latin Standards has been workshopped in 2016 in New York at Dixon Place and in San Francisco/Bay Area at “One For All Festival” at Douglas Morrison Theater Hayward, Art Saves Lives Gallery on Castro, Lunada at Galeria De La Raza, The Marsh, Brian Copeland's Best Of Solo San Francisco Series, Solo Sundays at StageWerx and Sparkarts Gallery. 
Recommended for mature audiences. 


Choir! Choir! Choir!

January 25, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.
Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall
Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman, co-founders

Choir! Choir! Choir! - Photo by Vanessa Heins

You can be both performer and audience with this spectacular communal musical experience!
Be a part of the fun as we form an inclusive pop song-singing public choir.
The international singing phenomenon was founded by Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman. Based in Toronto, this unique collective exemplifies the best of creativity, collaboration, and community building. Off Center Festival participants will have the opportunity to be part of a large community choir whose repertoire will include a variety of pop songs.
Choir! Choir! Choir! is free but a ticket is required to reserve your space.

Justin Vivian Bond Shows Up
Justin Vivian Bond
Jan 27 and 28 at 8:00 p.m.
Samueli Theater

Justin Vivian Bond Shows Up - Photo by David Kimelman
You’re in for a treat (and more than a few tricks) with the legendary twisted wit and songful stylings of the trans-genre artist and icon.
Mx Justin Vivian Bond is a trans-genre artist living in New York City. As a performer both on and Off-Broadway, Mx Bond has received numerous accolades, winning an Obie (2001), a Bessie (2004), a Tony nomination (2007), the Ethyl Eichelberger Award (2007), The Peter Reed Foundation Grant and a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant for Artists. V authored the Lambda Literary Award winning memoir TANGO: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels (The Feminist Press, 2011).
Films include John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus (2006), Sunset Stories (2012), Imaginary Heroes (2004) and Fanci's Persuasion (1995). Solo exhibitions of JVB's watercolors, sculptural installations and live art have been presented by Participant, Inc. (NYC, 2011), Art Market Provincetown (2014), and Vitrine (London, 2015). Albums include Kiki and Herb: Do You Hear What We Hear?, Kiki and Herb Will Die For You at Carnegie Hall, Dendrophile, and Silver Wells.
Recommended for mature audiences.

Off Center Lounge

Leatherby’s Café Rouge (Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall)
Opens at 9 p.m.
The Off Center Lounge in Leatherby’s Café Rouge returns for Off Center Festival 2016. Audiences can mix and mingle with fellow audience members and Off Center artists. It’s rare opportunity to talk one-on-one with the creators and performers of these thought provoking works and pose those questions that oftentimes go unanswered. A special low-cost menu will be available starting at 9 p.m.

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