MOXIE Theatre's latest production "Man and Moon" Stages a Tender Story About a Life-Changing Disease

Along with the Reactions of the Body and the Heart

A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

Tirzah and MG Green. Photo Daren Scott 
Aaron (MG Green), a transitioning man battling breast cancer, encounters Luna (Tirzah), a spirited 12-year-old fascinated by astronomy. Luna's mom has breast cancer and she is used to the waiting and the special unit rooms. As their parallel treatments progress, the characters develop a deep connection, leading to unexpected revelations. "Man and Moon," written by San Diego Playwright Siena Marilyn Ledger, and directed by MOXIE's executive artistic director, Desireé Clarke Miller, is a poignant play set in an oncology unit. MG Green and Tirzah deliver a compelling and emotionally charged performance, captivating the audience throughout the 90-minute piece without intermission. Their on-stage chemistry, coupled with alternating doses of humor and heart-wrenching moments, creates a dynamic and moving duo. Desireé Clarke Miller's direction demonstrates careful and skillful guidance, resulting in a wonderful sense of communion. Farah Dinga who we've seen onstage in a couple of MOXIE plays this year, was assistant director for Moon' and I believe their contribution rounded out the complexity of what is happening along with the fates.

MG Green and Tirzah. Photo Daren Scott 
The set design by Yi-Chien Lee effectively portrays a realistic medical waiting area with a bathroom door, hallway, and play section, complemented by Rai Feltmann's well-crafted props. Annelise Salazar's lighting design captures the familiar grayish-yellow ambiance of such places, enhancing the overall authenticity. Claire Peterson's costume design successfully brings out the distinct personalities of the characters, although I understand the reasoning behind it, still I would have liked more variety in Aaron's wardrobe.

The technical direction by Robert (Robbie) Malave and scenic artistry by Julie Lorenz beautifully depict Luna's love for the stars and planets, incorporating vibrant colors that counterbalance the feelings of uncertainty and heaviness that the unfolding of the story is bringing. Eliza Vedar's sound design further enhances the immersive experience.

This is a very tender story about a life-changing, life-threatening disease that intersects with the physical body and how it can react and even lie. Siena Marilyn Ledger puts powerful premises in front of each other that as well as being thought-provoking, also put out on the table how life can be unfair. Man and Moon is a touching play in which the performances, direction, and design elements create an atmospheric production that evokes both laughter and tears. Be prepared to have tissues on hand.

Currently playing until December 3. Industry Night is on November 20 and an ASL Interpreted Performance is on November 26.

$20 RUSH tickets are available at the Box Office 1 hour before each performance. 

Hardship tickets are also available upon request by calling the Box Office at (858) 598-7620 for more information.

To learn about additional dates, cast, and creatives click HERE

To listen to Desireé Clarke Miller's interview on the Downstage Podcast click HERE.

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