San Diego Musical Theatre Opens The Addams Family

 In a Charmingly Sassy and Funny Night 

A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

Addams Family. Photo by Mark Holmes

The Addams Family Musical, currently playing at San Diego Musical Theatre in Convoy, offered an evening filled with cuteness, fun, and a generous dose of sass. Under the direction of Carlos Mendoza and choreography by Aaron Pomeroy, this production brings the beloved characters to life with a talented cast and I think the most diverse, along with a creative team that makes an enjoyable theatre experience for the whole family.

The plot encompasses the family we know and love that about a year ago, received another adaptation with the Netflix Series Wednesday and curiously so, has this character in common with the musical as the Addams face how the firstborn is growing up.

Mauricio Mendoza's portrayal of Gomez Addams is nothing short of hilarious. His comedic timing and delivery add a dynamic energy to the show, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout. Erika Marie Weisz as Morticia Addams, captures the character's sensual poker face with finesse and also adds a dose of comedic flare that rounds out the performance. Debbie Nicastro as the Grandma is naughty with a great deal of sass and a dose of fun cracks that even though brief, are hilariously solid.

Lena Ceja delivers a strong portrayal as Wednesday Addams, balancing the character's dark and rebellious nature with a touch of vulnerability and a potent voice that hits the high notes through songs like Pulled (my personal fave) and Crazier Than You. At times the intensity was a tad extra, I believe it was due to it being opening night and that throughout the performances, Ceja will also find the middle ground in these details and it will land where it needs to. A.J. Gange as Pugsley Addams is a perfect match for Lena, as the younger brother creating a delightful dynamic between the two siblings. Jackson Marcy brings humor to the stage as Lurch, surprising the audiences with fits of laughter.

The Addams Family at San Diego Musical Theatre

The supporting cast, including Ryan Burtanog as Uncle Fester, Carson Inouye as Wednesday's love interest Lucas Beineke, Alexis Grenier as Alice Beineke, and Ryan Fahey as Mal Beineke brings their unique energy and talent to the production, adding depth to the overall performance, along with the ensemble of ancestors: Grace “Jack” Amador, Laura Bueno, Christine Gillilan, DarRand Hall, Carissa Hamann, Katey Kon-derik-Oducayen, Sarah Pierce, Luis Sherlinee, Nick Siljander, Jaxon Smith, and Eli Wood that create a vibrant and engaging world on stage. 

The set design by Mathys Hebert, lighting design by Michelle Miles, sound design by Brandon Boomizad, and costume design by Chong Mi Land all contribute to the immersive experience. The practical set with moving pieces adapted to the small space as well as the attention to detail in the costumes, transports the audience into the quirky Addams Family mansion, while the lighting and sound design effectively enhance the mood and atmosphere of each scene.

Under the musical direction of Richard Dueñez Morrison, the show's score and songs are brought to life enhancing the storytelling and adding an extra layer of entertainment.

SDMT's The Addams Family Musical is a fun and sassy production that is sure to entertain audiences of all ages. With a talented cast, creative direction, and a hefty dose of Spanish which adds amazing flare, this show offers a good time at the theatre. Currently playing until October 29th, for more information on performance dates and times please click HERE

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