MOXIE Theatre opens 19 season with "Cry it Out"

Exploring Motherhood, Relationships, and Society

A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti 

Kylie Young and Katee Drysdale.Photo Daren Scott.

Moxie Theatre's season 19 opener, "Cry it Out" by Molly Smith Metzler, a play that seems to be about motherhood, but goes beyond as it dives into the dynamic of relationships, society, and patriarchy, along with overall life. Directed by Associate Artistic Director Vanessa Duron, the piece offers a thought-provoking narrative with profound reflections in parallel. This is one of those plays that will be left marinating in your brain while you think of different possible outcomes. 

Set in a Long Island neighborhood, the story revolves around Jessie (Katee Drysdale) and Lina (Kylie Young), two new mothers who form a bond over their shared experiences. Both women, who had successful careers prior to motherhood, find solace and companionship in each other as they navigate the challenges and joys of raising their babies. Over morning coffees, they engage in heartfelt conversations that touch upon their decision to return or not, to work. Despite their different backgrounds, their perspectives on balancing career and motherhood align in surprising ways, shedding light on the universal struggles faced not just by mothers, but women in general.

The dynamic between the characters is introduced to Mitchell (Alex Guzman), a new father who seeks to involve his wife, Adrienne (Leah Morgan), a successful jewelry designer, in the mommy activities. Through their interactions, the play explores the influence of husbands and the complexities that arise within their relationships. As the characters' stories unfold, revelations and differing perspectives emerge, highlighting the nuanced nature of a situation that may appear similar for everyone, but is in fact uniquely experienced by each individual. Leah and Alex are not on stage together and their interventions are brief, yet they punctually stress the essence and dynamic the couple is going through.

Kylie Young, Alex Guzman and Katee Drysdale.Photo Daren Scott.

I have been impressed by the actors' work in other plays so to see them together as a cast was a treat. Kylie Young with her new look involving red and blonde hair, I believe really added to the essence of Lina who is raw and cynical but comes from a truly honest place, topping it off with a thick Long Island accent that showed Sean Spann's dialect coaching. Katee Drysdale is sweet as Jessie, who at times is a bit naive, but as the play moves along, she peels different layers that definitely put her situation into perspective. The relationship portrayed is very relatable, regardless of being a parent or not, Young and Drysdale did a good job showing the humanity of these women going through life's struggles. 

Scenic Designer Alyssa Kane creates a cool "backdoor" environment that reflects the suburban setting with Rai Feltmann's props that truly accentuate the feel. Carmen Amon's costumes add depth to the characters, capturing their personalities and societal backgrounds. The lighting designs by Sierra Shreves and Colby Freel enhance the mood and atmosphere of each scene, effectively guiding the audience's focus. Roselle Angeline Castro's sound design design further contributes to the authenticity and immersion of the play.

Kylie Young and Leah Morgan. Photo Daren Scott.
"Cry it Out" at Moxie Theatre offers an interesting exploration of motherhood that transcends its initial premise. Molly Smith Metzler's well-written script, brought to life by the talented cast and crew, skillfully intertwines themes of relationships, society, and patriarchy. 

The show is currently running until September 10. For more information please click HERE

Industry Night is on September 3. This performance will be on Sunday evening at 7 PM. It will be the only Sunday evening performance. This will also be an ASL-interpreted performance.

$15 RUSH tickets are available at the Box Office 1 hour before each performance. Ticket sales conclude online 2 hours before showtime.

Hardship tickets are also available upon request. Please call the Box Office at (858) 598-7620 for more information.

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