LAMB'S Players Theatre adds high dose of comedic flare (and speed) to its 2022 season with Ken Ludwig's Baskerville.

Five Actors Bring Talent and Wit to the 1902 Novel Adaptation 

A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

Angie Chatelain and Michael Louis Cusimano. Photo by Ken Jacques  

LAMB'S Players Theatre brings a high dose of comedic flare (and speed) to its 2022 season with Ken Ludwig's Baskerville. An adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1902 novel The Hound of the Baskervilles featuring 39 characters played by five actors. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson mystery fans will get a treat with this plot involving the Baskerville line's male heirs being murdered one by one. These two must crack the case before the latest heir gets his turn.

Directed by Robert Smyth, the actor quintet composed of Angie Chatelain, Michael Louis Cusimano, Brian Mackey, John Wells III, and Omri Schein deliver the multiple roles in a fast-paced, fun way, switching gears in front of the audience during some scenes which made it even funnier. 

John Wells III and Brian Mackey as -mainly- the famous mystery duo Watson and Holmes are witty and complement each other well onstage. Omri Schein as always delivers fun with different accents, moods, and twists. Michael Louis Cusimano is the latest Baskerville southern heir bringing charm and entertainment to the piece along with some quick character transitions onstage that were fun to watch.

Something also fun to watch and very engaging, was Angie Chatelain Avila's work, the only female actress in the cast bring her own comedic balance with the other 4 actors. It is like a musical piece with rhythm, different moves, and shifts.

The almost bare set with a few furniture props and picture frames draws a clean stage for the performers to work their magic and for audiences to witness their histrionic skills at full capacity.

Omri Schein, Brian Mackey and John Wells lll. Photo by Ken Jacques 
 Even though the laughs and character changes are ongoing, the plot really brings you in and audiences will be left wondering who is the mastermind behind these murders. 

Baskerville has an overall impression of being silly and maybe being a pass waiting for the next thing but no, I encourage people to go and see it because settings like these with just five actors portraying so many characters in a way that is not confusing, like I mentioned, is clean and funny? definitely not to be missed. 

Tickets start at $28 dollars and LAMB'S Players has a price dynamic for all audiences to enjoy: active military with ID and youth (5-17) get half-price tickets as well as members of the LAMB'S Under 35 club. Seniors 66+ and veterans get $5 dollars off.

Ken Ludwig's Baskerville is currently playing until November 20 For more information on performance dates and times please click here. 

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