The Old Globe Brings Different Tools to the Box as they Host Limited Engagement of -Freestyle Love Supreme-

An Energized and Creative Show Full of Improvisation, Music, and Amazing Expression. 

A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

(from left) Kaila Mullady, Jay C. Ellis, Andrew Bancroft, and Morgan Reilly. Photo by Joan Marcus.
I believe that taking risks in this life is critical, especially now and especially in the performing arts after everything that has happened. In taking risks there is an exploration of different models with options. The Old Globe ventured into hosting a limited engagement of Freestyle Love Supreme as part of their season. Not a straight play, not Shakespeare, not musical theatre. Yes, Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the co-creators along with Anthony Veneziale and Thomas Kail who also directs the show. Yes, Miranda was part of it before Hamilton and even before In the Heights and was as incredible as his name attached to it sounds, the project definitely goes beyond that. A form of entertainment that involves riffing or well, improvising on the spot, and making a whole "number" out of a word or a phrase. Since each individual is different, they bring their own essence and flair into each riff and as a group all coming together, it is magical fire!

Hosted by Andrew Bancroft a.ka Jelly Donut the evening starts out after an energized intro with him explaining the dynamic and asking the audience for specific words to be yelled out onto the stage like "what do you hate?" or how would you describe your day in a phrase. As impressive as it is to just create a whole thing around a word or a phrase on the spot, it is also a matter of preparation and experience because some of the words or even the phrases aren't that great so they have to be even more creative and spin it around in order for it to work and pop and I believe that is one of the main sparkles where the magic of Freestyle Love Supreme lies. Each performance will alternate the talents. On the opening night, the stage was graced with Jay C. Ellis Jellis J who is amazing at spinning things and meanings like for example, someone in the audience yelled out "microsoft" as something they hated. Jellis J ran with that one and as all of us in the audience were expecting something regarding the technology company, well, Ellis went through the anatomy of the male reproductive organ, oh the laughs. 

As one of the members starts improvising the rest either harmonize or do beats and it is coolness in all its splendor. Mark Martin Mandible I believe can replicate practically any sound effect out there which made for amazing intros to each of the numbers. Morgan Reilly Hummingbird not only has the voice of an angel, a heavenly angel, or something not earthly because that woman can sing and harmonize beautifully and she can also carry a beat and improvise amazingly which adds a differentiator for sure in comparison to other comedy or improvisation shows. it is definitely an added value. Dizzy Senze Dizzy, like her bio says is definitely a lyrical assassin, very creative and funny. All these people impressed with their skills and experience. It is wonderful to be in a room and encounter this massive talent in its different expressions and also get to see champions like Kaila Mullady Kaiser Rözé, 2015 and 2018 world beatbox champion. Even though she did not participate in the whole performance like the others, her interventions here and there were mighty.

Freestyle Love Supreme is definitely outside of the usual tools in the box for The Globe and I think that is a wonderful thing and they should do more of it. A show that brings or sorts of wonderful talents and abilities together highlighting forms of expression and how to tell a story "on the spot".

Currently playing until July 10 for ticket prices and performance times please click here

The Old Globe also invites audiences to join Freestyle Love Supreme Academy (FLSA) in a one-of-a-kind public class that introduces the basics of improv, storytelling and beatboxing. This exciting 90-minute workshop is open to all adults (16 and over) and will take place in the beautiful outdoor Lowell Davies Festival Theatre on Monday, June 27 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In this class, FLSA facilitators will guide participants as they learn the basics of freestyle rap. FLSA’s brilliant and compassionate facilitation team will guide you along the journey at your own speed, from very experienced to the never-rappers. The main focus is having fun, expressing yourself, and supporting others! No experience is necessary. Tickets for the workshop are $25 and are available at

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