A ‘Bah! Humbug!’ Like You Will Not See Anywhere Else

The Old Globe's Ebenezer Scrooge’s BIG San Diego Christmas Show is Fun, Funny, and Just Merry

A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

Cathryn Wake, George Abud, Bill Buell, Orville Mendoza, and Jacque Wilke. Photo by Jim Cox 

The holidays bring an array of options for everyone to enjoy and kick off the festivities. Showings of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol are practically everywhere and being on the border, some pastorelas are too. Hopefully, we will see more companies hosting offerings of those. But I digress... So, The Old Globe has done it right with two different options on the same campus. The San Diego favorite, Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and, since 2019, Ebenezer Scrooge’s BIG San Diego Christmas Show written by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen. It's like Disneyland and California Adventure. Both are family-friendly but one is kind of more fun for adults. Directed by Greenberg, the Big San Diego Christmas show is a gift wrapped in silly laughs and just a good old time. The other marvel is that, unlike the other Christmas Carols that go for over two hours, this one is 70 minutes and change. Bill Buell as Ebenezer Scrooge is still stingy and bitter like the one we all know but his version is lighter, more likeable. The supporting ensemble with George Abud, Orville Mendoza, Cathryn Wake, and Jacque Wilke, is the one leading the funnies, delivering the famous characters that range from Bob Cratchit to Tinny Tim and of course, the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future with an added musical flare, playing live instruments and all. 

This story is in the round and resolved creatively by using different props designed by Adam Koch, like a vertical bed set with a nightstand with other "moving" pieces that contribute to the comedy. -no spoilers allowed- but, there is velcro involved. David Israel Reynoso does it once again with a gorgeous wardrobe design. A certain pink jacket with tulle was one of my favorites. (they should sell it in the gift shop, wink). The cast is incredebly talented and they support eachother with their abilities which is appreciated and wonderful to see. George Abud's violin playing is impressive, gives the piece a wonderful touch. 

George Abud as Tiny Tim, Jacque Wilke as Mrs. Cratchit, Orville Mendoza as Bob Cratchit, Bill Buell as Ebenezer
Scrooge, and Cathryn Wake as Ghost of Christmas Present. Photo by JIm Cox 

Drinks and food are still not allowed and that is a good thing. Less noise, less distraction. So I would advise to go and have a nice dinner with drinks and then go enjoy the show wich I would say it is a must for the season, and a nice balance from all the merry, fairy, christmasie content out there but still leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy. It is original and very fun. 

The creative team also includes lighting design by Amanda Zieve, sound design by Bart Fasbender, music direction by Orville Mendoza, casting by Tara Rubin Casting/Merri Sugarman, CSA and Kim Heil, CSA and stage management by Anjee Nero.

Performances are currently running until December 26. Ticket prices start at $37 and can be purchased at www.TheOldGlobe.org.

Check out our interview with Wardrobe Designer David I Reynoso

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