'Premeditation’, Latino Theatre Company's play turned podcast is an absolute hoot

Written by Evelina Fernández, the six-episode incarnation will have audiences hooked throughout October with new episodes releasing every Friday

Evelina Fernández and Lucy Rodriguez. Photo courtesy of Latino Theater Company
A Blog View by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti

Premeditation debuted in 2014. Spinning it into an audio format was definitely a good choice. A comedy seasoned with a sprinkle of murder involving two middle-aged couples that reflect on married life, the old glories, and fizzled romance. 

Latino Theater Company artistic director José Luis Valenzuela directed the hilarious troupe starring Fernandez alongside Sal Lopez, Geoffrey Rivas, and Lucy Rodriguez. Aside from the dialogues, each character also narrates either a description of what is about to happen or something from the past for context. The voices pass through that microphone crisp and emanating all the emotions whether it is anger, nostalgia, or just plain annoyance.

Geoffrey Rivas and Sal Lopez. Photo courtesy of Latino Theater Company
Fernández's writing is not only good but darn accurate in many ways. The words and phrases in Spanish included in this audio spin, give it that Mexican 50s radio novela touch with Chicano flare that makes it even greater.

As always, I do not want to give it away. But I can assure you, hardly any woman likes to be called señora. Nor do we like to see husband's chones lying around.

The other added value is that each episode is between 15 and 18 minutes long. Listeners will go through them like a breeze and be left wanting more.

This effort of adapting a staged piece into a podcast is creative and smart. Looking forward to more innovative proposals from The Latino Theatre Company.

The first three episodes of Premeditation are available now. Episode Four drops on Friday, Oct. 15; Episode Five on Friday, Oct. 22; and Episode Six on Friday, Oct. 29.

Check them out at  www.latinotheaterco.org/premeditation 

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