North Coast Repertory Theatre Streams Last Show of the Season

By Jeffrey Hatcher
Starring Daniel Gerroll
Directed by David Ellenstein
Streaming now until August 15, 2021

We always say here in From Another Zero how great the power of theatre is.
North Coast Repertory Theatre took the bull by the horns when the pandemic started and continued offering the art form via streaming with an excellent variety.
Dr. Glas featuring Daniel Gerroll - photo by Aaron Rumley
Dr. Glas is the piece that closes out the streaming season with a bang. Based on a Swedish novel by Hjalmar Söderberg,  Dr. Tyko Gabriel Glas brings us into his day to day life with patients and their problems. Situations going farther than just illnesses. Patients also go to Dr. Glas to vent and discuss possible outcomes dealing with emotional health, women's rights and other issues. This is definitely one of those pieces where the book should be read as well in order to get the full experience. And I consider it to be just wonderful. A play that leaves audiences asking for more.  Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher did an excellent job adapting this novel that tells the story like a written diary, to the stage. And what can we say about an actor such as Daniel Gerroll. On point. With a majestic voice, moving throughout the stage with poise and class while guiding us through the complex matters of Dr. Glas's patients and how some of the issues, become his. 

The sets are by Scenic Designer Marty Burnett, costumes by Elisa Benzoni, and Prop Design Phillip Korth. Stage Manager, Cinematographer/editor Aaron Rumley filmed the show. 

Running time is approximately one hour and after the performance there is a conversation with actor, playwright and director to discuss details of the show. An insightful experience just like when going to the theatre in person and learning more about the play after the performance. It definitely rounds out the experience. One of the questions discussed during the conversation was, is there a national theatre scene in the United States?. We agree with playwright Jeffrey Hatcher. We consider there are regional/local happenings where colleagues come together and do theatre and then, intersections where there is a creative exchange. But not a national theatre scene per se.

What are your thoughts?

Again, props to North Coast Rep for gifting audiences with such wonderful experiences that cover both on and off stage, what happens in theatre.
Support the arts, support your local theatre companies.

Reserve your tickets at Price is $35 for single viewing and $54 for group viewing.
Streaming on on demand until August 15.

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