Carmen Cusack shares an evening of music and memories that for many, marked the first live -in person- event in over a year and a half

Beautiful, funny, and a darn good singer.  
Cusack will perform two more nights at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego

Carmen Cusack performs at The Old Globe. Photo Courtesy
After all the live streams during this vortex, I would have never imagined my first time back to a live event, to be a concert with Carmen Cusack. I am glad it was. What a wonderful evening she gave us. Out in the Lowell Davies Festival Theatre with the crisp air under the stars and her voice serenading the excited guests.

In a cabaret setting, Carmen is accompanied by John Boswell in piano, Joel Gottshalk in the bass, Emily Rosenfield in guitar and banjo, and Lacy Rostyak in the fiddle. Musically directed by John Boswell, Cusack also gives out direction from time to time during her performance and it is just wonderful to see how an artist gets back to it after a long hiatus. Relaxed, enjoying the moment and owning it.
Carmen Cusack as Alice Murphy in Bright Star. Photo by Joan Marcus.

The ensemble delivers and does it well, between jokes, praises, and a surprising solo that will just be left here without any more details... so you can experience it for yourself if you have the opportunity. Because if you do (have the opportunity) this is an event that should not be missed.

Carmen as well as incredibly talented with a clear potent voice is also, very funny. She should do stand up on the side funny. Which set an even better tone for the evening for people going back to encounter social settings and not knowing what to expect and how to behave. 

The show approximately 90 minutes long, includes a variety of songs from her singing career and musical theatre career, all the way to mashups between songs from Fleetwood Mac and Les Misérables, what?! WHAT. Yes. What a joy. And yes, songs from the musical Bright Star are in the repertoire as well as some previews from her upcoming role in Flying Over Sunset which will be amongst the first ones to open on Broadway this fall.

This concert is perfect for a date night or an evening out with friends. 

The concert begins at 8:00 p.m. and tickets start at $29 dollars. For more information and to purchase tickets click here

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