Trolley Dances is BACK in San Diego! June 5 and 6

Tours begin at 'Trolley Central' - 70th Street Trolley Station in La Mesa

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced so many performances to postpone or even cancel, San Diego Dance Theater, had to remain adaptive. The 2020 fall Trolley DancesTM became a documentary viewing event, and the in-person performances were shifted to June 5 & 6, 2021. With high hopes that the June performance will re-introduce one of San Diego’s favorite dance events, and patrons will be eager to experience site-specific dance again. 

Trolley Dances is BACK in San Diego! June 5 and 6

Now in its 23rd year with long-time partner, San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), San Diego Dance Theater’s Trolley DancesTM travels the Green Line from 70th Street to Grantville and back. There is a smaller, yet prestigious lineup of dancemakers, a 3-stop tour with 4 dances, and fewer and smaller tours per day for one weekend only.

Founder and producer of 22 Trolley DancesTM, former Artistic Director of SDDT, and San Diego dance icon Jean Isaacs will join the creative team once again, along with the beloved Monica Bill Barnes, New York favorite Jody Oberfelder, and newcomer Mary Anne Fernandez-Herding with her company The Movement Source.

The 70th Street trolley stop hosts the first dance, where parking and tickets are available at 'Trolley Central.' Two dances will be performed at the San Diego State University trolley stop, with the final performance at Grantville trolley stop before you loop back to your car, satisfied with great dance and a lovely afternoon in San Diego.

Site-specific dances are created by dancemakers on-site, taking inspiration from architectural elements of the space, the play of light and shadow throughout the day, the original intended use of the space, and ornamental or decorative elements where inspiration may be found. Often there is no one particularly favored point of view, so audiences may view these dances from any angle.

Jean Isaacs started creating site-specific dances in 1999 when she began to tire of the artificial formality of conventional stages and the hierarchy of space imposed on dancers when viewed frontally. Also, according to Isaacs, "the budget was being eaten up by the high cost of theater rental and stage technicians, with nothing left for the dancers." Over the last 23 years, Trolley DancesTM has provided work for almost 100 choreographers and over 800 dancers, and been viewed by 45,000 people. In partnership with MTS, the purchase of a Trolley DancesTM ticket includes a free all-day trolley pass. This project has been funded by the City of San Diego, California Arts Council, Commission for Arts and Culture, The National Endowment for the Arts, Qualcomm Foundation, and the Zinser Family Foundation. Trolley DancesTM is a trademark of San Diego Dance Theater and is also performed in San Francisco and has been performed in Riverside and Stockton, CA.



June 5 & 6, 2021

Tour Times: 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm


Tours begin at 'Trolley Central' - 70th Street Trolley Station in La Mesa

Free parking available

Tours travel the MTS Green Line to SDSU Trolley Station, Grantville Trolley Station, and back


$25 General Admission

$20 Senior/Military/Working Artist

$15 Student/Youth

FREE Kids under 5


Tours sizes are limited. Purchase your tickets in advance! Walkups may not be available.


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