A new space dedicated to arts, culture, and the entertainment industry released its last episode with a season recap. 

From Another 0 (Zero), the bilingual blog with pieces both in English and Spanish as well as reviews and interviews dedicated to the arts and the entertainment industry, branched out this 2020 with a podcast fully in Spanish in the month of April titled Desde Otro Cero, and its alter ego in English that debuted in June.


The main goal of these efforts is to offer additional platforms for artists, mainly those underrepresented, to talk about their work and their creation.


The name From Another 0 means a restart or reset considering previous experiences. With each person’s essence every time you must start over. This cannot just be “From Zero”.


Hosted by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti, Binational Consultant and Reporter, this first season dropped an episode every other week, completing 13 episodes with a variety of topics aiming to highlight equity and diversity like Mindfulness in the Arts, BIPOC Arts Critics, Wine, Marketing and Being Bilingual, Arts Curriculum and Community amongst others, with guests from San Diego to New York to Long Beach: Broadway actors Ben Cook and Dan DeLuca, Solimar Salas from MOLAA the Museum of Latin American Art, Jose Solís Arts Critic and Freedom Bradley-Ballentine from The Old Globe along with many other talented creatives.


Thanks to the listeners and their feedback, looking into this worldwide pandemic and many small businesses shutting down, guests towards the end of each episode, share their favorite small businesses, causes, and nonprofits to learn from and support like coffee shops, restaurants, clothing boutiques and organizations.


¨From Another 0 has been an open and safe space for artists since 2010. Now, with the podcast, the goal is to expand the reach and amplify the voices.

 Always encouraging a love for the arts. ¨

Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti


Desde Otro 0, the -main ego- podcast finished its first season in August and will begin its second season in January 2021. The alter ego in English is scheduled to resume its second season in March.

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