Blog-View: A Christmas Carol

A new online take on the Dickens classic by San Diego´s North Coast Repertory Theatre

Available now for streaming until December 31

James Newcomb in A Christmas Carol - photo by Aaron Rumley

During these crazy and now purple times in California where we went back in and full of uncertainty, nothing like a Christmas classic to deliver all the feels and be a nice distraction.

North Coast Repertory Theatre in San Diego did a new adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. A one-man show this version, starting James Newcomb and directed by David Ellenstein, you would think it would be difficult to stage this with one actor having all these characters in the story. A very clever and creative adaptation by Zander Michaelson, using the format and its flexibility to add visual and sound effects to the piece. Nice and appreciated. 

These trying times for theatre and lives revolving around screens all day calls for something different and that represents a visual challenge to the spectator. Newcomb as the narrator does an excellent job to then morph into all the others past, present, future along with the iconic Ebenezer Scrooge, traveling through a gorgeous and detailed set design by Marty Burnett, the screen changes colors between takes. From black and white to full color and also using filters, James Newcomb is really not alone guiding us through this tale with fast takes, tone changes, and a woman´s voice that gives it a very opportune touch. Three different Christmas trees grace the stage, symbolizing three different timeframes perhaps? It is lovely to grasp subtle hints like that. The lighting is also key in this production, rounding out the tones of each scene, playing with shadows, and providing depth -Rembrandt style-.

The result is definitely a team effort, the costumes are by Elisa Benzoni and Props by Philip Korth.  A titanic task for cinematographer and editor Aaron Rumley to put it all together and deliver A Christmas Carol in about 77 minutes. A good duration that leaves you feeling good and merry.

Grab some chocolate bombs and cozy up your smart tv or computer and make it a family affair. It is well worth it. 

This show is available now to stream on-demand on Showtix4U through December 31. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at 

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