La Jolla Playhouse celebrates 30 YEARS of the POP (Performance Outreach Program) Tour with this -very- relevant multi layered play for kids

Written by Westley Middleton and Directed by Delicia Turner-Sonnenberg, this production that started touring schools February 1st, and has its last round of shows this following week, opened performances to the public today, and will have two more shows tomorrow at 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

Left: Jyl Kaneshiro and Rachael VanWormer in #SuperShinySara. Photo: La Jolla Playhouse

Definitely an amazing job -as always- with The Playhouse and a stellar team: Sean Fanning-Scenic designer, Desiree Hatfield-Buckley- costume designer, Melanie Chen- sound designer, Shirley Fishman- dramaturg and Kendra Stockton, stage manager. 

#SuperShinySara is about a girl (pre-teen going on 35- played by Rachael VanWormer)  that lives with her parents and little brother (Shaun Tuazon) in a small apartment. Smitten by the social media world, Sara lives to follow her idol @ShoppyGoddess (Jyl Kaeshiro) a teenage fashion mogul and megastar that has over 80 million followers on 'Picstapost' and is always making an appearance on all the happening events. Sara also takes that for inspiration and is writing a novel with content very similar to her idol's life. Struggling as well because she does not own a 'brain phone' it is hard to keep up with the popular girls and her friend Francesca (also played by Kaneshiro) who lets her borrow her phone for minutes at a time. Sara's parents struggle to make rent. Her dad a musician on tour and her mom working all the time, the little girl naturally, is overwhelmed. She wishes for another life and suddenly finds herself inside @ShoppyGoddess's world and her nemesis Bella Blackthorn (Amanda Arbues). Sara then realizes that what she thought was an ideal world, is not as real as it seems.

A play that discusses this technologically charged life we live today, and expose kids to from a very tender age. Touching upon intellectual property, friendship and family. Giving us all, something to think about.

Tickets are $9 dollars for kids and $12 dollars for adults. More information HERE   

For more information about booking the POP Tour for a school performance, please contact Paola Kubelis at pkubelis@ljp.org. For more information about the Adopt-a-School program, please contact Samantha Wilson at swilson@ljp.org.

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